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Your Weekly Giving

Did you know that you can easily write one check to St. Ben's for a variety of offering designations?  You can!  The tellers would actually prefer it -- as long as your designations are clearly delineated on your envelope or a note accompanying your check.  Thanks so much!

Meet Your Offering Envelope

Did you ever wonder about the various categories on your weekly offering envelope?  Let’s take a closer look.


CURRENT EXPENSESMoney donated to this category is used to support vast operating activities including all salaries, insurance, utilities, and general operations.


IMPROVEMENT FUND - Non-recurring projects (painting church, air conditioning, etc.) are funded with money from this category.


MISSION/BENEVOLENCEMoney donated to this category is used to support our Synod and the ELCA nationally for missionaries and Church-wide support.


In addition to your weekly offering envelopes, your offering box contains special envelopes such as Initial Offering, Communion, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Lenten Offering, Good Friday, Easter, Rally Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. The donation in the Initial Offering envelope is used to offset the cost of your giving envelopes. The other special envelopes are for designated giving.


Your Church Council decides who the recipient of the donations in these envelopes will be and publishes the recipient's name in the Bulletin, The Herald, and on the church website.


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