2021 - All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfasts

St. Ben's Fellowship Hall - 7:00 am to 10:00 am
Menu:  Regular and Buckwheat Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Home Fried Potatoes, Sausage, Scrapple, Sausage Gravy, Biscuits, Applesauce and Beverages
Adults - $8.00; Children - $4.00
St. Benjamin’s “March 2021” Virtual Pancake Breakfast


Sadly, we still can’t come together for the great food, fun and fellowship that is our Pancake Breakfast. 


The Saturday morning breakfasts provide a time for socializing with family, friends and people in our community. Although it’s a fun time for us, we also use the event for fundraising (that paying the bills thing). 


Our congregation is always so generous with their donation of food supplies, their time spent doing breakfast “chores,” and bringing their appetites in for a great meal.


So, let’s have virtual pancakes!  Here’s all you have to do!


1.    Imagine that “donation list” on the clipboard. Items such as: milk, eggs, butter, syrup, applesauce, scrapple, sausage, orange juice, biscuits, etc. 

2.    Decide what you’d like to donate (most of us are creatures of habit….and that’s ok).

3.    If you don’t donate supplies, imagine yourself walking through those new doors, into that awesome new social hall, and paying your $8 to get that wonderful breakfast.  

4.    Calculate what you would spend on the supplies and/or the meal and send that amount to St. Ben’s for the virtual pancake breakfast.


If you’d like to support this fundraiser, please send a check to St. Benjamin’s, 700 Kriders Cemetery Rd., Westminster 21158 or pay online through Vanco (see instructions at


Thank you so much for your consideration! Take care! Be safe!

2021 - Scrip Fundraising Program

What is Scrip?

The same gift cards you see in stores that you normally purchase to give to others you can use on your own spending.

Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly to St. Ben's upon purchase.

No-selling and no-soliciting -- using scrip is fundraising while you shop.

Watch for more details about the next ordering date!