700 Krider's Cemetery Road, Westminster, Maryland 21158   (410) 848-3311

​Our Mission Statement


St. Benjamin’s Evangelical Lutheran church, is confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, is called together through baptism, nourished by the Lord’s supper; anointed and sustained by the Holy Spirit; and guided by the power of the Holy Scriptures. We will strengthen and encourage growth in faith and Christ-like love to our church congregation, our community, and the world, through teaching, friendship, care, and compassion.

This Week in Our Parish

Sunday, December 6 - 9:15 am
Drive-in Church
2nd Sunday in Advent
Due to the increase in covid-19 cases, we are returning to drive-in church for the safety of our congregation and visitors.
Please RSVP, using one of the options listed below, by 12 noon on Saturday, December 5 for the altar guild to prepare worship packets.
  • Text Pastor David at 443-789-1271
  • Email Pastor David at stbenslutheran@gmail.com
  • Leave a message at the church office 410-848-3311
You can be in the safety and warmth of your car with the radio tuned into our FM frequency.
We will live stream the service via Facebook from the front porch of the educational building.
Sunday School will be held for the children in the fellowship hall with social distancing and masking.
Please join us!  Thank you and stay safe!
As you are able in these days and weeks, remember your church continues in its business – there are commitments to the greater church (synod and ELCA) and to church staff and pastor and facility needs that still need to be honored for the greater good and service to the world. Please mail your church offering by check, if that is your practice, to 700 Kriders Cemetery Road, Westminster, MD 21158. We offer online giving through Vanco for your convenience (see below). Another vehicle for giving is the “Giving Plus” app which can be installed on Android and Apple smartphones. Thanks so much!

Outreach Opportunities
7th Annual Christmas Camel Canter

The 7th running of the Christmas Camel Canter is set to go Virtual! Please go to the following website to register for the race.



All of the $25 registration fee goes to support the ministry of The Shepherd's Staff!

All you have to do is run/walk 3.2 miles (5K) before December 12.

Thank you for your support!

Amazon Smile

Do you use Amazon.com for shopping?  If so, your use can help support St. Benjamin's.

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St. Ben's is Home to......
Christian Hands Child Care, LLC
Debbie Davis
700 Kriders Cemetery Road
Westminster, MD 21158
Hours - 6:30 am to 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday
Please call for more information or to schedule a tour of our facility.

Christian Hands Child Care, LLC is a separate entity from St. Benjamin's Lutheran Church.

St. Benjamin’s Lutheran Church is a growing congregation recently engaged in a self-study to be more present in discipleship to its neighbors. A Fellowship Hall, open to the neighborhood for group meetings, picnics and events, sits on a three-acre grass lawn with a shaded pavilion, a tree-lined drive, meditation gardens, both toddler and big kid playgrounds, and plenty of parking. Call the church office at 410-848-3311 for booking details.

We matter to each other.
We matter to the community.
We're open to the neighborhood.
Come check us out!
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